1. Smoking Is Not Permitted In Rehearsal Rooms


2. Food and Drinks are permitted, provided artists clean up after themselves.


3. Microphones must be placed back on their proper stands, not on the floor.


4. Drummers must return the kits to their original set positions.


5. If an artist is unsure how to use any piece of equipment,
Please ask for assistance, damaged equipment will be assessed.


6. Outside of NORMAL wear and tear, Drummers will be held responsible for
broken hardware, cymbals, and heads. To avoid complications, report any damaged
equipment before you begin so you will not be held responsible for abuse.


7. Stand-by switches are common on tube Guitar and Bass Amplifiers.
These protect the life span of the components. If an artist is unable to use
these switches, then it is preferred that they simply leave the amplifiers ON.
Mistreatment of these costly components will not be ignored.


8. Additional desired equipment must be provided by an ASW associate.
Customers removing or adding equipment from rehearsal rooms is strictly prohibited.


9. Customers must be aware of the rehearsal time and factor in that
break-down time is a part of their session. When the session is over and another
band is booked, customers are expected to be out of the room on time
for the next incoming patrons. Two lobbies are provided with plenty of
resting space for bands to relax before and after sessions.


10. Astoria Soundworks accommodates a wide variety of artistic talent.
ASW customers are expected to grant all others the full respect and courtesy they deserve.

11. Astoria Soundworks is not responsible for any left behind, lost, or stolen items brought into the studio.





Standard and Premier rooms:


Cancel day before – $20 fee
Cancel same day – $(full amount of booking)


Session rooms:


Cancel same day – $(full amount of booking)




Client is responsible for the safety and proper operation of all equipment rented.


All orders C.O.D. unless open ASW account has been approved.


A valid government issued photo ID and financial security is required in all equipment rented. Equipment deposits are for the replacement value of each rented item. Security deposits may be waived or replaced by a certificate of insurance at the discretion of ASW Studios.


Rentals canceled upon delivery or pick up will be subject to a 50% charge of the rental fee plus delivery costs.


Rental equipment taken or shipped out of town must be returned freight prepaid to New York City.


Acceptable forms of payment include cash, certified check, American Express, MasterCard, and VISA or approved company check.


We cannot assume responsibility for personal equipment, which is not properly packaged or cased.


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